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Jose Restrepo
"Sonny" from Broadway's Grease

"The personal attention that is paid to each individual's journey here has been amazing... it's literally been "hands on" sometimes with trying to learn better technique... there is value given to finding your true voice and your bliss and the technique is practicable.

The goal of the WVS technique is to define ourselves as artists by distilling our strengths and capitalizing on them... getting honest with yourself... looking at "the business" through the eyes of "the business"...finding your bliss...learning that my voice is a reflection of my state of being. Specifically for me, my journey started by simply wanting to be able to sing higher notes, and what I've been learning throughout my personal challenges, my sessions with Patrick, my involvement with the Professional Development Classes, and the West Village Musical Theatre Festival is that my entire craft has evolved; thanks to the work I've put in.

I feel much more confident in the vocal range that I have and more importantly, I've been able to begin to have a clearer definition of myself... and that gives me confidence in the room, the vocal booth, on stage, and in life.  Singing is one of the most vulnerable acts we can share...this is where we practice looking at the truth and find ourselves in the's not always comfortable, it's definitely not always pretty, but it's how to become a Jedi of the voice."

"I feel that if I hadn't found WVS, I wouldn't have been able to rehabilitate my voice correctly after my surgery and would have ended up leaning on poor habits. I have been given a special opportunity to re-learn what I have learned and this time not rely on "muscling" my way through something... or over-compensating for not really being prepared. I feel fortunate that Patrick has found a system that can be measured and still be creative. In fact, the act of creation is truly what I've celebrated in my journey with WVS. I am taking ownership of my career and creating inspiring possibilities.

I have begun working as a Teaching Artist as well as continuing to perform. I am filming a short film in Oct. and have begun to manifest more opportunities that are within my control and my bliss... I've allowed myself to dare to dream and the universe seems to have accepted my challenge.

I've discovered a leadership quality about myself and that I have something to say in this world. I've learned that my skill set and talent as an actor have given my a keen insight into my experiences and in turn has allowed me delve deeply to find the truth in "the work".

Professionally, the WVMTF was fun and allowed me to be a part of many different experiences. I was able to let my work speak louder than me and was fortunate to work with some very talented people. The relationships I made there actually have helped me get a show. (The director of "Reefer Madness" is Dev from "Poly Want A Mortgage?)... sometimes it is "who you know" that matters most."

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