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Studio Events 

Boot Camp

Join our Saturday Boot Camps at 11:00 AM!  Each 2-hour workshop includes a group exercise session followed by a mini lecture on the performance technique topic du jour.  Students will then perform individually and be adjusted based on that week's subject.  A highlight of the WVS experience, this weekly program is taught in a safe and friendly environment by Jonathan Price. Sign up for a Boot Camp today!

PCC Annual Spring Gala

Join us in NYC for a weekend of Workshops, Recitals, Receptions and Social Events celebrating another year of growth and accomplishment.  This year's event (June 16-19th) includes a classical recital, themed workshops, a songerwriters' salon, a karaoke party in a private speakeasy, in-person coachings and a spa field trip!

Click HERE for more information!!!

PCC Annual Holiday Gala

Every December we through a long-weekend of events and celebrations including a Holiday Concert, Songwriters' Concert, Workshops, in-person coachings and a Holiday Party.  Our 2022 event will be announced soon!

PCC ONLINE Open Mic Nights

Our themed PCC Open Mic events are held bi-monthly throughout the academic year. Students at WVS can sign up by emailing with your song selection and key of choice. We'll even send you the accompaniment! Invite friends and family to cheer you on!

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