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As an ever-growing program, we rely on more than our fine reputation to attract new and talented students.  The WVS family is comprised of positive, dedicated and  driven aspiring and current professionals looking to enhance not only their own careers but the careers of their friends and fellow classmates.  At WVS, we strive to build not a competitive but a collaborative spirit that enhances the opportunities and experiences of everyone involved.


To that end, we would rather reward our immediate network than pay an indifferent marketing company to merely fill our roster quota.   For a limited time, WVS is offering a tuition credit for every qualified student that enrolls in any of its private or group programs*.  Simply make sure the student uses your full name when scheduling an assessment, and the credit will immediately appear on file.  Cash credits are also available for non-WVS who refer/enroll potential students.


* Contracted enrollment only; excludes ongoing classes like "Singers' Bootcamp" 

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