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Eve Raphael
2008 William Haralson Scholarship Recipient

"One of the most important things I have encountered at WVS, is the feeling of being at home, and a part of a musical family. Mr. Wickham puts all his heart into his teaching and has goals for each student by getting to know them from mental to physical work.

I walked into the studio at the age of 13, having no knowledge or clue about the instrument, singing, or where I wanted to get within 5 years from then.  Now that I am 19, 6 years later and still a WVS student, I can say I have been put on the right direction/path, and now I know exactly what I want to do because of the hard work and care Patrick put into helping me find what I am passionate about, an AMAZING mentor... learned how to control every aspect of my voice. I gained the confidence you need to perform on a stage by many performance opportunities through WVS.

I listened to a recording of mine from my FIRST day in voice lessons, in comparison to a recording 5 years later, my eyes popped out. I could not believe the difference. I didn’t believe that the recording was me, which also gave me the confidence I needed, 'cause I know I can go even further. With just one hour a week with Patrick!  The greatest experience I had at PCC was my first off- Broadway experience in a new musical “Bellevue Sketches.” I met amazing and talented people that where dedicated and made rehearsals and performing fun (cast and crew).   I am very grateful for such an amazing mentor, writer and composer!"

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