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Lauren Meltsner
"Best Actress" for Waiting Room (2011 West Village Musical Theatre Festival)

"Wickham Vocal Studios is a place like no other - right off the bat, you are shown the unconditional belief  that as an artist you can achieve anything, no matter where you're starting from.​

To me, WVS's philosophy is that success is where preparation and opportunity meet. Even in college, I never experienced the type of dedication that I experienced with Patrick Michael Wickham... his voice is always in the back of my head, coaching me to be positive and press on. The school has altered my beliefs in that no matter how many times someone can drill a "Method" in to your head, if you don't figure out what your edge is, and learn how to own it, doors won't open for you. I have the tools so I know how to put music together for an audition, HOW to audition, and how to make those experiences be effective for who I am and what I'm good at. Before I attended WVS, I would just sing what other people would give to me because THEY thought it was right for me - WVS gave ME the power to decide and put ME in control of my career.

"As a singer, I am stronger and so much more knowledgeable. I am totally aware of where every note physically lives in my body - and I know how to use my voice to belt any note. Before I studied with Patrick I was damaging my voice, now I can sing anything from Opera to Rock. In addition I also had an issue with having a light switch effect - I would get to a certain note in my voice where if I were singing a scale, every time I would get to one certain note, the transition upward or down would be very rocky and my voice would literally switch off. I no longer have that issue. Patrick taught me how to achieve an even tone, and while it took time, now every note I sing is as strong as the next.

Since I started studying with WVS/PCC, I have received opportunities that you would only find in a university; I've been granted work study opportunities and won 2 scholarships to study there. This is rare in the NYC Vocal Teaching scene. When I was cast as Veronica in Bellevue Sketches, it was a huge turning point in my career. Since then I have performed in 7 (now going on 8)  productions of both Musical Theatre and other types of productions. I am continuing to get work, and truly believe that WVS was the facilitator in helping me open those doors."

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