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Justin Gregory Lopez
Hamilton at the PUBLIC, Off-Broadway's Bare

"One of my favorite aspects of training at WVS is the 'learn to succeed through failure mentality' that Mr. Wickham establishes when you walk into the room.  I think I remember seeing a sign that says [and I may be paraphrasing, but] for every good sound, you'll make 10,000 terrible ones... and that statement has always stuck with me.  Learning to shed the inhibition, understanding that the studio is just a studio, and not worrying about singing a perfect note every single time has been invaluable.  This mentality, coupled with Patrick's vast knowledge of vocal physiology helped to reinforce proper vocal technique through muscle memory.  Each lesson is recorded, and after reviewing my lessons, I was able to spot the good sounds, remember the muscular positioning, and develop technique through repetition.

It sounds like a simple concept that anyone could do on their own, but I assure you, just learning how to sing is about 20% of the training.  As I said before, Patrick Wickham's extensive understanding of the human voice and its physiology is a full course in its own, and should be an absolute requirement for anyone who wishes to have a lasting career in vocal performance.  Making the sound and hitting the note is something anyone can learn without formal training, however, learning how to do it and be able to do it eight times a week is the real goal of this program."

"I can safely say that had I not studied at WVS and with their many capable associates (such as Billy Porter and David Sabella-Mills who have taught their vocal performance classes), I would have had no choice but to find a new career.  For the most part, I had been passed up for my college's musicals, I had never so much as been taken seriously by professional casting directors, and when I was cast in the university setting, I was losing my voice very early in the run.

After six months of vocal studies at WVS, I signed with an agent, booked a tour, got my equity card, moved to New York and have been fortunate enough to have been cast in leading and supporting roles Regionally, Off-Broadway, including a lead role in the New York Musical Theatre Festival (NYMF), and have had several callbacks for Broadway shows in less than two years' time.

While I would love to keep it a secret, I would fully recommend this program to anyone who is serious about having professional singing career."

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